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Why Rent from us?

We have teamed with the Conn-Selmer Company, America’s leading producer of school band instruments, to provide the best option for your student’s band instrument experience.

Better quality – The Rental Equity Plan provides a new-quality First Step instrument that delivers the workmanship, response and performance necessary for your student’s success. It has been proven that a student is more likely to succeed when a new-quality instrument is played. As an added bonus, the pride of owning a high-quality, like-new instrument will also motivate your student to spend more time with his or her instrument assuring continued progress.

Better for the budget – With this affordable rent to own plan, your student will receive a new-quality instrument at today’s price with payments at zero interest! Many rent-to-rent plans provide an instrument and require you to pay an unknown price to gain ownership at some unknown time in the future. A little confusing and uncertain! When you complete the payments in our plan, you own the instrument. If a student is progressing well, you can save additional money with our early purchase discount. 

Better security – If things don’t work out, you have the option to return the instrument with no further obligation. You’ll have up to five-year warranties on instruments. Our maintenance and replacement coverage guarantees you’ll never have a costly repair expense while making payments, even if accidental damage occurs! Unlike many of the inexpensive, imported instruments readily available today, the workmanship and quality of these instruments assures that you can get your instrument serviced and that it will be a lasting, lifetime investment.

Better performance – The bottom line is that you want your child to succeed! So does your child’s music teacher. So do we. Our Rental Equity plan will provide the quality instrument and support necessary for your student to perform better and achieve more during their school band experience. It truly is the best option!

  • Return Option with No Penalty at any time
  • Substantial Cash Discount for early pay-off
  • Maintenance and Replacement coverage protects your investment
  • Repair Service—Delivery and Pick-up of instruments at school
  • Unrestricted exchange of instruments
  • Equity payments can be applied to future step-up instruments
  • Simple, Low Monthly Automatic Payments
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