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Bodhi BG10M African Okoume Mahogany Top Concert Body Acoustic Guitar

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BG10M Concert Body Acoustic Guitar

The BG10M Concert Body is slightly smaller than a dreadnought, focusing on mid-range and higher frequencies. With its darker wood construction, it offers a unique character distinct from spruce-topped guitars. Its compact size ensures comfort for players of any size.

African Okoume Mahogany is used for the top, back, and sides, while Palaquium Mahogany is used for the neck, creating a warm and clear projection of sound. The dovetail neck joint ensures even transfer of string vibrations throughout the entire guitar, providing a rich auditory experience for ears, body, mind, and spirit.

The fretboard is crafted from the rare and versatile Merbau tonewood, sustainably harvested from the Kwila tree. Known for its strong bass response, notable sustain, and articulated highs, it enhances the tonal qualities of Bodhi Guitars. Advanced X-Bracing allows the top to vibrate more freely, producing a larger and richer sound.

A rare find in an affordable guitar, the Bodhi BG10M is a great-sounding, versatile instrument you'll want to take everywhere.

  • Concert Body

    • Slightly smaller than a dreadnought
    • Focuses on mid-range and higher frequencies
    • Unique character distinct from spruce-topped guitars due to darker wood construction
    • Comfortable for players of any size
  • African Okoume Mahogany Top

    • Used for the top, back, and sides
    • Provides a warm and clear projection of sound
  • Palaquium Mahogany Neck

    • Enhances sound projection with warm and clear tones
  • Dovetail Neck Joint

    • Transfers string vibrations evenly throughout the entire guitar
    • Provides a rich auditory experience for ears, body, mind, and spirit
  • Coated Strings

    • High-quality coating resists humidity, dirt, and sweat
    • Ensures long string life and improved playability
    • Specially outfitted on this model
  • Scooped Bridge

    • Enhances sustain with a greater string angle from the saddle to the body
    • Reduces tension on the strings across the neck
    • Less finger fatigue and improved playability


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