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Bodhi BG10S Solid Spruce Top Concert Body Acoustic Guitar

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BG10S Concert Body Acoustic Guitar

The BG10S Concert Body is slightly smaller than a dreadnought, emphasizing mid-range and higher frequencies. It excels in fingerpicking and single-note playing, delivering a balanced and focused sound. Its compact size ensures comfort for players of any size.

The top is crafted from solid spruce, known for its perfect blend of strength and flexibility, making it suitable for various music styles. The mahogany back, sides, and neck add a warm balance to the sound, while the dovetail neck joint evenly transfers string vibrations throughout the guitar, creating a rich and immersive auditory experience.

The fretboard is made from the rare and versatile Merbau tonewood, sustainably harvested from the Kwila tree. Renowned for its strong bass response, notable sustain, and articulated highs, it enhances the tonal qualities of Bodhi Guitars. Advanced X-Bracing allows the top to vibrate more freely, producing a larger and richer sound.

A beautiful rosette and cream binding provide a traditional yet unique look. The Bodhi BG10S, with its solid-top construction, is a rare find in an affordable guitar, offering great sound and versatility you'll want to take everywhere.

  • Concert Body

    • Slightly smaller than a dreadnought
    • Focuses on mid-range and higher frequencies
    • Excels in fingerpicking and single-note playing
    • Provides a balanced, focused sound
    • Comfortable for players of any size
  • Solid Spruce Top

    • Adorns the guitar’s top
    • Accommodates multiple styles of music
    • Offers a perfect blend of strength and flexibility
  • Mahogany Back & Sides

    • Provides a warm balance to the sound
    • Mahogany back, sides, and neck construction
    • Dovetail neck joint transfers string vibrations evenly throughout the entire guitar
  • Coated Strings

    • High-quality coating resists humidity, dirt, and sweat
    • Ensures long string life and improved playability
    • Specially outfitted on this model
  • Dovetail Neck Joint

    • Strongly joined with meticulous craftsmanship
    • Transfers the body’s vibration and resonance to the neck with no loss of energy
    • Provides plenty of detail
  • Scooped Bridge

    • Exclusive scooped surface bridge design
    • Enhances sustain with a greater string angle from the saddle to the body
    • Reduces tension on the strings across the neck
    • Less finger fatigue and improved playability


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