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Boss RC-600 Loop Station Looper Pedal


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Embrace limitless creative possibilities with the Boss RC-600 Loop Station. This flagship looper provides unparalleled sound quality, extensive effects, and intuitive control, making it an ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're performing live, composing in the studio, or experimenting with new musical ideas, the RC-600 is your gateway to new sonic horizons. Add it to your rig today and step into a world of endless looping potential!
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The Boss RC-600 Loop Station pedal is a state-of-the-art looper that stands out as a versatile and powerful tool for musicians. It is designed to meet the needs of guitarists, singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, and looper artists who are looking for a device that allows them to unleash their creativity without constraints.

Features and Specifications:

  • Six Stereo Phrase Tracks: Offers multiple layers for complex looping.
  • Personalized Control: Highly customizable with assignable footswitches and pedal modes for various functions.
  • Powerful FX: Includes 49 Input FX and 53 Track FX, providing a broad spectrum of sonic possibilities.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Features two XLR mic inputs, two stereo input pairs, three stereo output pairs, and more, catering to various performance styles.
  • Dynamic Rhythms: Over 200 rhythm patterns and 16 different kits are available.
  • Creative Tools: Includes overdub modes, a Bounce In function, and enhanced Undo/Redo capabilities.
  • High-Quality Audio: 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating-point processing ensure premium sound quality.
  • Extensive Memory and Recording Time: Can record up to 1.5 hours per track and has a total memory capacity of 13 hours across all tracks.
  • Robust Build: The pedal's construction is designed for durability and reliability.


  • Exceptional Sound Quality: Delivers high-fidelity audio for professional-grade performances.
  • Enhanced Creativity: With a vast array of effects and rhythm options, users can explore new soundscapes and styles.
  • Flexibility and Control: The customizable control setup allows for an intuitive and personalized experience.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity: Accommodates various instruments and devices, making it ideal for diverse musical setups.
  • Robust and Reliable: Built to withstand the rigors of both studio and live performance environments.

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