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D'Addario EJ26 Phosphor Bronze Custom Light Acoustic Strings


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  • MOST POPULAR – Pursue your passion with D’Addario’s most popular acoustic guitar string set, the Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings. Since 1974, phosphor strings have been known for superb, long lasting tone and comfortable playability. They are the choice of professionals worldwide.
  • INSPIRING PERFORMANCE – These custom light acoustic guitar strings help you achieve amazing performances, as they offer a long lasting, warm, bright and balanced acoustic tone with excellent intonation.
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT – These strings feature a precision wound corrosion resistant phosphor bronze wire that is carefully drawn around a hexagonally shaped, high-carbon steel core. The result is consistent, long lasting tone.
  • STRING GAUGES – The string gauges in this acoustic string set include: Plain Steel .011, .015, Phosphor Bronze Wound .022, .032, .042, .052.
  • MADE IN THE USA – D’Addario leverages centuries of string-making experience and advanced computer-controlled winding technology to bring you the most durable, consistent and long-lasting guitar strings. Made in the USA for the highest quality and performance, only D’Addario strings are sealed inside and out.
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D’Addario high-carbon steel hex core and plain steel wire is precision-drawn in our very own wire mill in New York. Using the highest grade raw materials and cutting-edge wire-drawing technologies, D’Addario creates a stronger, longer lasting string that you can rely on.


Wrap wire alloys have a significant impact on the tonality of the string and the overall sound of your playing. That’s why D’Addario uses a variety of coated and uncoated acoustic wire alloys including 80/20 Bronze, Nickel Bronze, and Phosphor Bronze, each of which have a distinctive tone, giving you the sound you want.


There is literally nothing like a D’Addario string making machine. Using the most advanced proprietary digital winding technology, exacting quality standards, and the ability to control the quality of every material used, D’Addario delivers unmatched consistency, string after string. Plus, in our commitment to preserve the planet, we use nothing but environmentally responsible, minimalist packaging. Last but not least, D’Addario strings are made in the U.S.A. in our New York facility, ensuring the highest quality and performance every time you play.

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