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Promark H-RODS Hot Rods Drumsticks


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  • MADE FROM BIRCH DOWELS – A Promark original, Hot Rods drumsticks are constructed with 19 medium, premium select birch dowels that create a light sound. With a smooth grip for easy playability, hot rods are comfortable to play with.
  • UNIQUE AND FUNCTIONAL WRAP – Wood dowels are held together by a unique red plastic wrap near the neck of the drumsticks that provides a light sound with just enough texture. The wrap also improves the durability of the sticks.
  • FOR SMALL VENUES – Promark Hot Rods are perfect for small venue and acoustic performances.
  • MUST-HAVE FOR STICK BAG – Every drummer’s stick bag should contain Promark Hot Rods drumsticks. H-RODS are .550” in diameter and 16” long.
  • MADE IN THE USA - For over 60 years, Promark has been an environmentally conscious leader in drumstick manufacturing and design. All Promark drumstick are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA to the most stringent quality controls in the industry.
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Reduced Volume Without Sacrificed Feel

Promark Rods are made using premium birch dowels, which reduce volume compared with drumsticks, and offer improved rebound and feel versus brushes and other alternate sound sources.

Increased Durability

The iconic red bands on Promark Rods offer increased durability for rim shots and cymbal crashes.

Endless Sonic Possibilities

Rods are also a great option when you’re looking to change up your sound for a specific musical passage in a song. In addition to reduced volume, rods will also offer a different articulation and tone compared with drumsticks.

Hot Rods

The original in the Rods family, Hot Rods offer a medium-bodied attack with warm articulation on drums and cymbals. Easily identifiable by the black end cap, Hot Rods are built with 19 medium-small premium birch dowels.

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