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Sterling By Music Man Axis Quilted Maple Electric Guitar - Spectrum Red


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Crafted for today's innovative musicians, the Sterling by Music Man Axis guitar has become a cornerstone for contemporary rock enthusiasts and beyond. This striking instrument boasts a stunning quilted maple top, complemented by a sturdy maple neck and fingerboard to deliver a clear, vibrant, and ever-present sound. But it's not just about aesthetics; the dual-humbucker configuration and versatile 5-way selector enable you to explore a range of tones across all 22 frets. The ergonomic neck design and generous cutaway provide effortless, all-encompassing access. Guitar aficionados concur that style-conscious players will admire the fulcrum tremolo, offering abundant scope for expressive playing, while the accompanying nut ensures your tones remain free of unwanted buzz.

Experience a solid tonal foundation with our guitars' lightweight jabon body, complemented by a quilted maple veneer that delivers a balanced and bright sound across all six strings, and a warm, distinctive tone. The hard maple neck and fingerboard ensure fantastic note separation, sustain, and projection, allowing for a clear, articulate sound that remains tight in every register. With its straightforward overtones and incredible responsiveness, our guitars produce a cutting and resounding clarity that will elevate your playing.

Sterling doesn't compromise when it comes to pickups. Their in-house-engineered passive humbuckers have been precision built for flavor and variety, giving you the ability to create high heat, simmering soul, and everything in between. The 5-way pickup selector allows you to split coils, and with dedicated volume and tone control knobs, you can fine-tune your sound to your liking. The fulcrum tremolo gives you plenty of room for expressive play and will have your leads singing. With all these options, your creativity will know no bounds.

At our guitar store, we understand the importance of a sturdy instrument, which is why Sterling's hard maple necks are not only tonally impressive but also structurally resilient. With notable resistance to twisting and warping, they are a perfect choice for gigging musicians, rockers on the road, or anyone in a humid climate who wants to spend less time adjusting their truss rod. Sterling's 5-bolt system securely mounts the neck to the body, while the generous cutaway provides unfettered access to all 22 narrow frets. The asymmetrical neck profile starts at 1.65 inches at the nut, widening to 2.24 inches at the last fret, providing comfort for all hand sizes. The 12-inch fingerboard radius accommodates players of various styles, and the 25.5-inch scale offers more compositional flexibility. With Sterling guitars, you can be sure that you are getting a reliable and versatile instrument that will support your playing for years to come.

Introducing the Sterling by Music Man Axis Quilted Maple, featuring:

  • Quilted maple-topped jabon body for brightness, projection, and a distinctive warmth to your sound
  • Hard maple neck and fingerboard for singing sustain, excellent note separation, and tremendous clarity
  • Asymmetrical neck profile with a wider final fret for easy playstyle anchoring
  • 22 narrow frets sprawled across a 12-inch fingerboard radius, accommodating various playstyles with ease
  • 5-bolt neck attachment for structural and sonic security, with ample access to the upper register
  • 2 humbuckers engineered for versatility
  • 5-way pickup selector for coil splitting and greater musical adaptability
  • Dedicated tone and volume knobs for unintrusive, responsive, and reliable sound control
  • Polyphenylene Sulfide 1.65-inch nut for sturdy string positioning and buzz-free sound
  • Fulcrum tremolo for endless expressive possibilities in any genre.

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