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Promark TX5BW American Hickory Wood Tip


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  • Hickory is the most popular wood choice for drumsticks due to its resilience, responsiveness, durability, and classic feel
  • Diameter: .590" Length: 16"
  • Oval wood tip provides a dark, warm tone suited for multiple applications
  • Medium taper for balanced response and rebound
  • All Promark drumsticks are designed and manufactured in the USA
or call: (814) 371-5666

Manufacturing Excellence

Promark drumsticks are cut using a proprietary centerless grinding method to achieve incredibly precise and consistent dimensions. This process allows us to maintain metal working tolerances while working with wood.

Weight & Tone Matching

Promark drumsticks are paired by both weight and tone, ensuring a consistent feel and sound from one stick to another.

Unparalleled Consistency from one Pair to the Next

With Promark’s advanced dowel sorting process, consistency from pair to pair of your favorite Promark model is better than ever. No need to roll the sticks on the counter or bring your scale into the drum shop - you can rest assured that no matter where you purchase your Promark sticks, they’ll meet your quality expectations.

The Only Drumstick Maker with Our Own Sawmill

Having our own sawmill facilities means never having to settle for wood that doesn’t meet our strict standards of quality, density, and strength.

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